Dave Purdy

picture of Dave PurdyDave grew up on a farm near Luck, Wisconsin where he started playing guitar in his late teens after seeing southern boogie band Black Oak Arkansas perform at the California JAM on TV. It was Black Oak’s triple guitar army fronted by lead singer Jim Dandy that inspired Dave to pick up the guitar. Those inspirations lead Dave to practice the guitar for several hours a day. That practice spawned Dave’s first real band “Diamond Destiny” which played regularly at clubs, high school dances, and private parties. picture of Dave Purdy surrounded by his guitars When DD broke up Dave relocated to the south side of Chicago and started playing in the all original “3357 Band” named after the band’s rehearsal space at 3357 S. Morgan Street. An all original record was recorded at Universal Studios on Rush Street in Chicago but was never released because band personal changes and lack of funds. The 3357 Band played some great gigs during a multi year period. After that, Dave relocated to Minnesota in the late eighties and started playing lead guitar in “The Bachelors” lead by music extraordinaire Rudy Bachelor. Working with booking agents provided many gigs all around the Twin Cities for many years. The Bachelors broke up after Rudy experienced some health challenges. Since that time Dave has sat in with various bands and decided he wanted to get involved with another band on a permanent basis. In 2005 Dave started practicing with Rokker Chic (later called Softail) a band located in Hammond, WI fronted by female vocalist Kimmer. That was short lived as Dave was let go because his rock/blues music style didn’t mesh with her music. It was during that time that Dave met Wade who was playing bass for Rokker Chic at the time---after the wheels came off of Rokker Chic, Wade and Dave got together and started the beginnings of Bullseye. Soon after, Wade brought drummer Robert into the mix. Wade had played with Robert in American Flyer and knew he had the chops to keep up with their blues based high energy rock music. The last piece of the puzzle came when front man/lead singer “Animal” joined the band after he placed an ad in City Pages seeking a front man gig. After Animal’s first practice with the band they knew he was perfect for the spot. Animal has years of experience with some very hot bands--- most notably, Dunlop’s Hooligans. In addition to singing lead vocals with Dunlop, Animal played bass guitar as well. Dave uses custom shop Charvel guitars and Marshall Guitar Amplification.

Buddy Soldo

picture of Buddy SoldoI've played drums in bands since I was 15. At age 18 I took a break from the music scene ...Joined the Marine Corps and spent the next four years waiting to get out and back into music....and it didn’t take long once I was out. Over the next year I performed all over the five state area as a fill in drummer for several established acts. This helped me get my chops back up as well as prepare me for what was coming...and it did...in 1974 I packed up my life...drove out to California and formed the original Salt and Pepper with Marvin Gaye's Keyboardist...Stevie Wonders Bass Player, Welton Gite....and a second drummer. Jeff Chandler (I formed a duel drummer act). Jeff and I quickly became inseparable musically as drummers. Jeff was black...I was White...and out of that the band got its name "Salt and Pepper!". After that ended.. I joined one of the original members of Franki Valli's "Four Seasons" Sal Villano..and toured Nationally for another two years! After I left Sal Villano..I returned to Minneapolis and formed an eight piece National and International Production Act called "Rags to Riches!"...which I toured with for the next 7 years! When R & R came to an end...I formed a band called "Fair Warning while playing in Las Vegas...and set up West Coast Tours for the next four years. It was after leaving "Fair Warning" and 17 years on the road...that I finally returned to Minneapolis. It didn't end there... I went on to play an additional 18 years with several popular local Minneapolis bands...and now I'm back...ready to Rock the world again...with the next best band to come out of this town..."Bullseye!"

Bruce Matejka

picture of Bruce MatejkaBruce has been playing music since he was 13, on various instruments like piano, drums, electric guitar & acoustic guitar and found his home playing bass guitar at the age of 15. He has played professionally since the age of 18 in a number of different genres of bands. Bruce originally performed in a band named Redline with his brother Lee, and then moved on to the country circuit. Most notably he was the bass player for Saddletramp, a country band that won a contest as the K102 band. He also played with Breakin’ Loose, and the Rough Stock band. He then went back perform with the reformed Redline band and played for 8 years before taking a break to train horses and settle down. He came back to music to join the Hooligans after missing playing music. He was the pillar of the band with his knowledge and experience over the last 9 years. Bruce’s influences are Jim beam, Jack Daniels, and MGD. Bruce plays a B.C. Rich Warlock, Rickenbacker Black Shadow, and a Fender Precision when all else fails. He also uses Carvin and Ampeg amps & speakers with Boss and Behringer effects. Bruce is thankful for the opportunity to take the stage with the Bullseye band and to play with some very talented musicians. “Bass playing is in your soul”…Dean Johnson (sold Bruce his first bass guitar) Bruce Matejka aka bass-man.

Jeff "Animal" Green

picture of Jeff GreenAnimal hails from parts unknown. He has been singing for 25+ years. most of which with a Bass guitar in his hands. He started out his career with a project called "Anthem". in the early 80's. When Anthem broke up he spent some time in a few small projects until the late 80's. In 1988 "Guestar" was formed. between 88 and 93. he managed to keep the project going, sometimes being the only original member. In 1993 Guestar took off on a eight year run. He finally found the right combination. The first five of those years were extremely successful. Warming up for "Jimmy Van Zant" at the reopening of the barn. Not to mention the making and selling of their own tapes. Guestar then had a personal change. After 6 months they were back on track. and continuing on for another 3 years. After 8 years he took a well earned break. In 2002 Animal got a call from a band called Dunlop's Hooligans to sit in for a couple of gigs as a Bass player. He ended up staying for 2-3 years, and had a blast. After he left that project he knew that he would be a lead singer. Simultaneously He discovered that he wanted to do some writing. He has just launched a CD under the name OFR. When writing music you don't play out much. Bullseye is just the thing to give animal that audience interactivity that he was looking for. He's damn glad to be here!